tk5ep tracking punta  On July 1, 2024, the iGate LoRa TK5KP-2 gateway was commissioned at the Punta site.
Initial tests have confirmed its smooth operation.
This gateway joins the one installed at Coti-Chiavari and completes the coverage in the Ajaccio area and well beyond.

The software is the CA2RXU version installed on a Lilygo LoRa32 module, and the antenna is a dual-band COMET CA2-2X4CX.
The frequency is that used in Europe, i.e. 433.775 MHz, and the measured power is +17dBm (65 mW).

The Cote d'Azur and Italian Riviera nodes and mobile stations are heard continuously.
The coverage gaps that existed with the single TK5KP-10 node in Coti-Chiavari are now covered.