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Modifications sur le relais VHF TK5ZCF

On March 30, 2021, TK1BI & TK5EP spent a few hours on our "Punta" site. A new Procom CXL2 antenna with a gain of 3 dB was installed on the new tower. This one is bigger and more stable than it was used to install this heavier antenna. The old antenna gave some signs of weakness and showed reduced coverage.

The pylon was also earthed and a new connection to the TKNET network has been done. It remains to connect the grouns of the building in order to have equipotentiality of the different earths and to finish laying the cable trays.

New USB audio interface for our repeaters

A new version of the USB audio VoIP interface to drive our repeaters has been build by Patrick TK5EP.
It carries a CM119A chip that takes care of the USB communication, the VoIP conversion and the I/O ports.
Read his article on his Web page
Here a 3D view on this interface board.

interface TKNET v4

REF contest 2020

IMG 20200222 101341This year, we again needed a lot of work to be QRV for the REF phone contest.
The numerous storms have destroyed all our antennas and the rotator.

The antennas have been repared and the last works have been done friday evening...

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Storms on our shack.

The storms that hit Corsica in november/december 2019 didn't leave any survival chance to our setup !

Many trees are broken and fell on the road, even very large and old ones.
All antennas suffered. The yagi boom bent, 2 elements are broken and flew about 50 meters away, the 40/80m dipole was ripped off.
Half of the weather station is broken and was found in the bush. The anemometer exploded and the weather vane is broken...

In short, there is work in prospect ...

VHF repeater anew active.

couverture vhf punta


After almost 2 years of stop due to a power failure, our shack is powered again. All our equipments will be restored (weather station, remote station, etc..)

The VHF repeater TK5ZCF is already fully functionnal and linked to our HamNet TKNet network. It is linked to the UHF repeaters of Coti Chiavari and Corte.
A new repeater near Cervioni is also planned.Stay tuned !

UHF Repeater linked on TKNet

TK5ZCG vignetteOur local UHF repeater TK5ZCG is now linked on out TKNet network. This repeater has been rebuild and uses now 2 commercial mobile radio PRM830 and a Kathrein duplexer, all retuned into the 70cm band.

The UHF repeater has been connected on TKNet on dec 6th 2016. The first tests are quite promising, but it seems that the antenna does not tilt down enough to cover the Ajaccio bay in good conditions. Both this repeater and the VHF repeater TK5ZCF are now linked through TKNEt and to Echolink (TK5KP-R)

Both repeaters need a CTSS of 88.5 Hz and are also transmitting the same CTCSS, so you can avoid local noise.

Here is a simulation of the coverage of TK5ZCG UHF repeater.

Here the details for both repeaters in the Ajaccio aera:

TX 430.150 MHz
RX 439.550 MHz
shift +9,4 MHz
CTCSS 88.5 Hz
Puissance 10 W
Locator JN41JS
TX 145.6375 MHz
RX 145.0375 MHz
Shift -0,6 MHz
CTCSS 88.5 Hz
Puissance 15 W
Locator JN41IW

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